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Breast lump in preteenage girl?

I recently discovered a small lump behind the nipple of my nine year daughter who has yet to go through puberty. The doctor we consulted told us that it is most likely an infected cyst and gave her some antibiotics which should reduce the lump within a week. Is it normal that a nine year old girl would develop a cyst in her breast area? Should I encourage the doctor to perform further tests? I am especially concerned since the women in our family have a history of developing breast cancer.

Expert Answers (1)

Although it is unusual to find cysts in the breast of someone your daughter s age, it is extremely unlikely that the lump in your daughter s breast is a symptom of breast cancer and therefore you should not be overly concerned.

There are few possible explanations as to why a young girl would have a lump in her breast. One of the reasons could be that she is undergoing the first stages of puberty whereby her breasts are beginning to develop.

During this stage, a small clump of breast tissue usually forms behind the nipple which at times can feel like a cyst. Although the average age of girls undergoing puberty is 11, some girls can begin as early as 8 years old.


June 16, 2010

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