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Penile Injection treatment for impotence (ED)

Penile injection treatment for impotence and erectile dysfunction

For men who do not experience favorable responses to oral medications for erectile dysfunction, penile injections are another treatment alternative.

How penile injections work

Penile injection therapy is typically a self-administered treatment just prior to sexual activity. Using a syringe, the patient injects a liquid medication directly into the side of the penis. The medication helps the patient achieve an erection by dilating the chambers in the penis that trap the blood needed to maintain an erection.

Different types of penile injection medications?

Two popular injection therapies are Caverject (TM) and Edex (TM). Often times doctors will use a combination of drugs, including papaverine, phentolamine and alprosdid. In many instances, a combination of two or three medications (Trimix) is prescribed for injection.

How long does the it take to work and how long do the effects last?

It typically takes about 5 to 15 minutes for the effects of the penile injection medication be felt after it is administered. Erections can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or until orgasm.

What is the success rate of penile injections?

The response rate of the Trimix solution is very high. Clinical trials report an 80 to 90 percent success rate. It is the only erecile dysfunction medication option that initiates an erection

What are the side effects of penile injections?

A third of the patients report a mild to moderate dull ache anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes after the penile injection of Caverject and Edex. Usually this ache is more severe when standing. The conventional theory is that the ache is attributed to the potassium present in the medication.

Non brand name mixtures of Papaverine, Phentolamine, and Alprostadil (Trimix), has been shown to be very effective and relatively less painless.

As with any needle injections, over time small bruises may begin to form at the site of the injection. Sometimes, a small nodule or lump may develop if the same site is injected again and again. Rarely, scarring or a plaque of the penis can occur.

Somtimes, the injection therapy may produce a painful, sustained, prolonged erection, known as priapism. Priapism (a rigid erection for more than 4 to 8 hours) requires immediate medical attention, but is easily reversed when treated early.

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