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Non prescription retinol cream treatments for wrinkles

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Non prescription retinol cream treatment for wrinkles

Many wrinkle creams use a Vitamin A compound known as retinol as the active ingredient to reduce wrinkles.

Retinol works to reduce the signs of skin aging by stimulating new skin cell growth and increasing the levels of collagen. Along with doctor prescribed topical retinol treatment options, there are now a multitude of various skin care products that contain retinol as the active ingredient. However these non prescription creams/skin care products are not as strong as prescription strength treatments so they typically take longer to notice the rejuvenative effects (if at all).

Buyer beware when it comes to over the counter wrinkle cream products as many products over promise and under deliver in terms of results. Many unscrupulous marketers and manufacturers prey on people's insecurities so it is important for consumers to research and ask questions before making a purchase. The good news is that some over the counter retinol cream treatments have been known to show positive effects.

What makes these over the counter retinol creams more attractive is often their relative affordability.

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